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Retrospective Album:
WiLd MoOsE PaRTy – New Wave Pom Pom Girls Gone Go-Go NYC 1980-1981

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CooLinG OuR FriNGe after CaT's CrAdLe LovE FeSt

The Cosmopolitans bandWe're currently recovering from our 27-year Reunion Show that was held August 1st 2009, at Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, N.C.

Jamie and Nel performed the CoSmOpoLiTanS vintage choreography while wearing their original 1980 outfits featuring 8-inch pink fringe.

Drummer Evan "Funk" Davies sang his first Cosmop solo on "Rockin' Doctors" with unbridled intense FEELING while wearing a white lab coat and surgeon's cap. Blonde Cathy Harrington looked fetchingly glamorous and played exquisite keyboards while adding her cool touch to the Cosmop girl vocals. Dazzling Don Dixon on bass was as always – a supernatural force of nature, and male model. Corey "Hubcap" Sims brought folks to tears as he whined convincingly in his role as the Infant for Trade in "Chevy Baby" – while also adding his spicy guitar wizardry to the Cosmop sound.

"My Mama . . .", Jamie's latest Cosmop song, was unveiled with a shout out to the GLBT community.

There was levitation, green (faux) fur, tambourines, stethoscopes, and moments musicaux –

What does the Gypsy predict for the Future? ? ? . . . . Another?
Ask Psychic Joan –


Videos are being screened - photos reviewed - audios examined. We'll get some media up as soon as we can figure it all out –

Special thanks to guests musicians Mitch Easter, Don Dixon, and Shalini Chatterjee - and to all the "big people" who made this event an event . . .

Cover to The Cosmopolitnas CD Wild Moose Party: New Wave Pom Pom Girls Gone Go-Go, NYC 1980-81